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Estudiante de Medicina, UNI ___ BICHA N# 7____

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Going to Rio and want some delicious food? Check out Org Bistrô, owned by my classmates Tatiana Lund from Natural Gourmet Institute!

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tatiana Hansen i no ur sercet yall not low lol

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Our convos be smagkin Tatiana Hansen http://t.co/8aAYrwVQaT

Meaning of First Name Tatiana

Female first name (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese): Tatiana, Latin (Roman family name), from the feminine form of the Roman first name 'Tatian' which is from the family name 'Tatius' derived, 'Tatius' was called a king of the Sabines that with Romulus together the Romans ruled, origin and meaning of the name 'Tatius' are not known Female first name (Latin): Tatiana;; of the female form of the Roman first name' Tatian ', the family name' Tatius' is derived from; ' Tatius' was called a king of the Sabines, who ruled jointly with Romulus, the Romans, the origin and meaning of the name 'Tatius' are not known

Meaning of Last Name Lund

In the Swedish language, means "Lund" small wood or grove. Also in Danish there is this etymological equivalent. It follows from this that in the development of family or surnames in the early Middle Ages, the sense meaning of this name is related to a person living in or on the forest or in a forest grove, or derived from this local area.

Meaning of Last Name Hansen

Hansen Hans is the short form of sin sons. Sen + first name, but in Sweden, etc.

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